IBMPC::Core Struct Reference

#include <ibmpc.h>

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Detailed Description

Core is simply aggregate of CPU, Memory (pages) manager and I/O (ports) manager.

Definition at line 386 of file ibmpc.h.

Public Attributes

i8086 cpu
Memory mem
 system memory manager.
IO io
 system IO bus manager.
 Socket for DMA.
 Socket for programmable interrupt ctrlr.


class VirtualMachine

Member Data Documentation

i8086 IBMPC::Core::cpu


Definition at line 392 of file ibmpc.h.

Referenced by IBMPC::VDD_Floppy::port_write8(), IBMPC::VirtualMachine::reset(), IBMPC::VirtualMachine::run(), and IBMPC::VirtualMachine::set_debug().

Memory IBMPC::Core::mem

system memory manager.

Definition at line 393 of file ibmpc.h.

Referenced by IBMPC::VDD_Video_CGA_6845::done(), IBMPC::VDD_Video_CGA_6845::init(), IBMPC::VDD_DMA::read_next_word(), IBMPC::VirtualMachine::VirtualMachine(), and IBMPC::VDD_DMA::write_next_word().

IO IBMPC::Core::io

system IO bus manager.

Definition at line 394 of file ibmpc.h.

Referenced by IBMPC::VDD_Video_CGA_6845::done(), IBMPC::VDD_SYS_PPI_8255A::done(), IBMPC::VDD_Floppy::done(), IBMPC::VDD_Video_CGA_6845::init(), IBMPC::VDD_SYS_PPI_8255A::init(), and IBMPC::VDD_Floppy::init().

VDD_DMA* IBMPC::Core::dma

Socket for DMA.

Definition at line 396 of file ibmpc.h.

VDD_SYS_PPI_8255A* IBMPC::Core::ppi

Socket for programmable interrupt ctrlr.

Definition at line 397 of file ibmpc.h.

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