Openem APIs File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
6567.cpp [code]
6567.h [code]
bitmap.cpp [code]
bitmap.h [code]
cdp1861.cpp [code]
cdp1861.h [code]
commodore64.cpp [code]
commodore64.h [code]Commodore 64 Emulator
common.cpp [code]
common.h [code]Common helper classes used with Services infrastructure
console.cpp [code]
console.h [code]
cpudbg.cpp [code]
cpudbg.h [code]
cycle.h [code]
dma.cpp [code]
dma.h [code]Virtual Driver for DMA transfers
arch/ibmpc/dummy.cpp [code]
cpu/I8086/dummy.cpp [code]Dummy empty source file
commodore64/emu.cpp [code]
nes/emu.cpp [code]
rcastudio2/emu.cpp [code]
fdc_8272A.h [code]
floppy.cpp [code]
floppy.h [code]Virtual Driver for Floppy diskette drive
hwabstract.cpp [code]
hwabstract.h [code]OpenEm Hardware Abstraction Layer
I8086.cpp [code]Stub empty .cpp file
i8086.h [code]
i8086_dbg.h [code]
ibmpc.cpp [code]
ibmpc.h [code]IBM PC architecture emulation
joypad.cpp [code]
joypad.h [code]NES Joypad support
keybcodes.h [code]OpenEm's keyboard mapping
layer1.cpp [code]
layer1.h [code]Infrastructure services layer 1
layer2.cpp [code]
layer2.h [code]Infrastructure services layer 2
layer3.cpp [code]
layer3.h [code]Infrastructure services layer 3
M65C02.cpp [code]
M65C02.h [code]
M68000.cpp [code]
M68000.h [code]
arch/ibmpc/main.cpp [code]
tests/main.cpp [code]
tools/metacc/main.cpp [code]
mempage.cpp [code]
mempage.h [code]This file contains implementation of simulated paged memory to be used by the emulating CPUs to access simulated memory banks
messaging.h [code]Messaging subsystem
metacc.cpp [code]
metacc.h [code]MetaCC is special tool which generates C++ code for parsing binary streams using state machine approach, from input description script
metacc_compilation.cpp [code]
metacc_compilation.h [code]
metacc_error.cpp [code]
metacc_error.h [code]
metacc_parser.cpp [code]
metacc_parser.h [code]
metacc_utils.cpp [code]
metacc_utils.h [code]
mmc.cpp [code]
mmc.h [code]NES MMC
nes.cpp [code]
nes.h [code]NES Emulation
oe_comp_msvc.h [code]
oe_plat_x86.h [code]
openem.h [code]This file be included as the very first include in .cpp file in this project! This is important so all the code in this project uses the same configuration settings and common declarations
platforms.h [code]
pool.cpp [code]
pool.h [code]Very quick simple block allocator which can allocate/deallocate blocks of memory of fixed size (fixed at compile time)
ppu.cpp [code]
ppu.h [code]NES PPU
r6545.cpp [code]
r6545.h [code]
RCA1802.cpp [code]
RCA1802.h [code]
services.cpp [code]
services.h [code]Infrastructure services
state_table.cpp [code]
state_table.h [code]
studio2.cpp [code]
studio2.h [code]Studio 2 emulation
sys_ppi_8255A.cpp [code]Virtual Driver for CGA Video Adapter (chip 8255A)
sys_ppi_8255A.h [code]Virtual Driver for Programmable Peripheral Interface chip 8255A
test.cpp [code]
text_reader.cpp [code]
text_reader.h [code]Class TextReader encapsulates text file and provides convenient APIs to parse the text with line oriented script parser
video_cga.cpp [code]
video_cga.h [code]Virtual Driver for CGA Video Card driver
Z80.cpp [code]
Z80.h [code]

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